SUCCESS STORY:  Ankrom Moisan Architects
“You [working with consultant Ted Sive] had a great impact on our company and our Strategic Plan—in decision making, in organizational need, and in strategic marketing processes—all drive our daily activities. We now have an inspiring Vision for all staff.”
Dave Heater, President

SUCCESS STORY:  Architects Alaska
“You really came through for us on this Client Perception Survey. You made the process easy and professional. The final recommendations were extremely constructive. Everyone appreciated the depth of knowledge you were able to get from our clients and the insightful proposals you gave us for moving forward.”
Rob Culbertson, Marketing Director

SUCCESS STORY:  NAC Architecture
“Bill has completed Presentation / Interview Training to over 30 of our senior staff members. A recent survey of his work can be summed up in a few attendee’s comments – Bill’s enthusiasm is infectious, he knows the material and is a demanding teacher, which was annoyingly effective. We could all laugh but also got down to serious business.”
Carla Thompson, Former Chief Marketing Officer

SUCCESS STORY:  Ankrom Moisan Architects
“Thank you for all your hard work and insight for our Client Perception Survey. I really appreciate your follow up and dedication–you continue to go well beyond my expectations on your work.”
Dave Heater, President

SUCCESS STORY:  SG3 Strategies
“Your Market Perception Survey input and feedback plus your interpretations and recommendations were absolutely key to getting our firms strategy and messages turned around and headed down the needed track. Great work–the results and recommendations have already paid us dividends!”
John Roth III, Principal

“I had a formal and very important presentation today for one of my projects—super nervous about it. I fully credit you and your Presentation Training class for getting me through it and for getting the approval. I am a much improved version of myself.”
Keasa Jones, Former Principal & Design Architect

“The completion of a Marketing Audit and the resulting firm-wide Strategic Marketing Plans made a tremendous impact on Hewitt. Our firm has a clear path, vision, and purpose for our marketing and business development efforts moving forward. We are grateful to Bill for his insight, wisdom & dedication.”
Kim Baker Raymond, Former Marketing Manager

SUCCESS STORY:  Clark Kjos Architects
“You are an excellent coach and mentor. Your Business Development Training for our firm was very relevant and useful—as well as your follow up materials & attentiveness.”
Tom Clack, Principal

SUCCESS STORY:  Salus Architecture
“I’m sending a note to say thanks for your Interview Coaching and all your help in preparing our team for this project. We were advised this morning that we not only won this project but it is being expanded into two projects. Your help in guiding us for our presentation was invaluable and successful.”
Dale Anderson, Principal

“I am deeply impressed. The recent group of 8 staff taking your Presentation Training class was a very capable group going in—but they are much better under your tutelage. It was pretty remarkable to see the changes undergone by all of them.”
Leslie Morison, Principal

SUCCESS STORY:  Bayley Construction
“Thank you so much for all your help on the Proposal Strategy Session for this important project. Your direction made a difference. Thank you for all the great advice and direction you gave us.”
Stephanie King, Marketing Manager