Strategic Planning
Update and re-initiate your firm-wide strategic plan that is geared toward your future

Client Care Program – Client Experience Management (CX)
Development of and training for principals and team leaders on existing client care relationships and feedback

Client Perception Survey – CX Reconnaissance
Learn how your firm is truly perceived compared to ‘how you perceive yourself’

Market Perception Survey
Understand how a particular market or geography perceives you compared to your competition

Business Development and Marketing Planning
Strategize, research, prioritize, and set action plans to meet your marketing goals

Marketing Organization Audit and Department Staffing
Audit of processes, materials and staffing to improve and/or hire the right marketing staff

Training Consulting Services:

Presentation Training
Learn and use the 5 Keys to Great Presentations all great speakers undertake

Business Development Training
Train fundamentals of business development to staff including on-the-job homework

Interview Coaching
Strategy, setting direction, and coaching for an upcoming project interview

Retainer consulting services:

  • Marketing Manager Mentoring & Leadership Training
    Consulting with existing marketing leader (marketing staff) to mentor them to superior abilities
  • Continuous Client Care Program
    Being an active member of a client care plan by gaining regular feedback from existing clients
  • Market Research and Calls Program
    Being an active part of your business development program—making calls and finding leads