08 AuditHow are your firm’s marketing materials perceived—is it the same as what you think of them? How effective are your firm’s business development process and the leaders involved—are they successful? There is only one way to find out, by asking for and getting honest feedback from someone who understands how your clients think and act, someone who’s been in the AEC business for almost five decades.

The start of an audit does involve rigorous review of all aspects of a firm’s processes and output, however—it must end with inspiring recommendations that will be initiated and successful.

The optimal approach to a marketing & business development audit includes the following areas:

Interview Leaders
Individual interviews with firm leaders, key business developers and marketing staff uncover strengths and weaknesses of business development & marketing processes and achievements

Audit Processes and Collateral
A detailed review of physical tools used for processes along with in-depth review of numerous submittals, interview materials, collateral pieces, positioning material, and website—reveal much about the voice and attitude a firm takes toward its clients and market sectors

Synthesis & Recommendations
The interviews and materials audit permit certain themes to emerge that form detailed and specific recommendations in terms of language, impact and processes

Decision Making and Initiatives
Recommendations will be discussed in-depth with firm stakeholders at a workshop where decisions will be formulated that are motivating yet realistic to initiate.

All owners or principals involved will be given a summary of all the data and information. The report includes recommendations to be decided upon by the stakeholders. The final outcome details initiatives that all stakeholders carry forward for years to come.