06 Interview CoachingThe key to creating a compelling interview presentation is strategy. Understanding and applying strategic principles will provide greater results in interview situations for your staff and for your firm. There are 6 things to discover that leads you down the path to success.

This shortlist interview coaching process covers these skills in a highly interactive manner and creates an agenda that is sure to leave a positive impression on the selection committee. It also sets a process in place for the entire team to follow which builds consensus and thus team chemistry—which is so important to the selection panel’s decision.

The strategic approach includes the following areas:

Full Reconnaissance of Potential Client and Project
Understanding not only the facts of your client’s needs but also the underlying desires

Total Team Strengths and Weaknesses
You know your own assets & liabilities but finding the advantages of your full team is invaluable

Understanding Your Competition
Only by knowing your competitions strengths and weaknesses—you can create your distinction

Discovering the Selection Committee’s Needs
Knowing each members true needs you can create the outcomes you want for each person

The Art of Story Telling
Crafting the appropriate agenda and content to speak to the client’s inner desires

Coaching and Critiquing the Team
Practicing with fervor for the presentation and Q & A—so all are credible and compelling

All team members will be given assignments and there is an emphasis on both team work and individual work during the process. As suspected—this is an intense, frustrating, hardworking, yet rewarding process. Not just for this specific interview, but for firm, staff and team training overall.