02 Perception Survey 1What do your clients think of you and your firm—is it the same as what you think of yourself? There is only one way to find out your clients perceptions of you and your services—and that is to ‘ask them’. By asking a number of clients the same questions, you are able to turn information into data and data into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

Perception = Reality. It may not be your reality, but it is the ‘reality’ of others—and that is important to ascertain and to understand. A client perception survey will lead to recommendations which will then lead to a plan that will change those perceptions into your desired reality.

The strategic approach to client perception surveys includes the following areas:

Helping you realize just what you want to find out from your clients—generally and specifically. Establishing the survey goals, making decisions on the range and depth of the survey (s) and creating a clear schedule—are all part of this phase.

During this portion, we create the actual questions to be asked of each client and the correct order that builds momentum and will lead to ‘themes’ that resonate in all your client’s. A minimum number of clients will be recommended in order to create a good sample.

All client conversations are strictly confidential and will be performed by me personally. Having over 43 years in the AEC industry allows me to completely engage in the conversation and ask detailed follow up questions. This gains valuable qualitative information and quantitative data.

The age-old saying ‘If you ask someone for their opinion, you’d better listen’ – holds true here. The information gathered will lead to recommendations for your firm—and it is important to act upon the suggestions.

All owners or principals involved will be given a summary of all the data and information. The final report will also include the themes (knowledge) that resonates across the surveys. Themes will then become the basis of recommendations (wisdom) for the firm to use to move forward.