05 BD TrainingThe key to developing more business for your firm is altering your definition from ‘selling’ to ‘learning’. You can change your attitude and your approach to this learned skill.

Understanding and applying simple business development principles will provide greater results for your staff and for your firm. There are 5 things that all great ‘developers of business’ do as a regular part of their daily lives. You can adjust your thinking and learn these five traits and be more successful too. Whether your main role is business development, a principal in your firm or on the path to leadership – these skills are invaluable.

This program covers these skills in a highly interactive manner and initiates an on-going program of goals, contacts, and accountability with the instructor and the continued guidance of your marketing staff. It also sets a process in place for all involved.

The training addresses the following areas:

Statistics of Client Satisfaction and Marketing
Understanding the facts of your client’s needs and the overall approach to marketing

Client Relationship Building
Learning the golden rules and the practice of empathy for potential and existing clients

Traits of Success
10 top traits of all successful business developers plus tips of what works & doesn’t with hints that other’s use regularly to overcome obstacles

Discovering Your Firm’s Uniqueness
Finding a different way to discuss your firm that will help you be more tailored to each client

The Art of Story Telling
Removing the ‘we’ in your stories and replacing them with ‘you’ to make them memorable

All participants will be assigned homework and given contacts to make. During the following session the contacts will be reported and discussed in an interactive manner that encourages further learning and support of each other’s success.