NFL American football formation tacticsStrategy isn’t just a word—it is a process that takes you on a journey of discovery which culminates in a desired destination. Business development and marketing planning starts with firm history, inward assessment, outward research, knowledge of the future, and your leader’s passions—mixed with careful analysis and insightful implementation to create achievable goals.

Your goals are not achievable without detailed action steps, schedules, accountability, budgets and a monitoring system. A business development and marketing strategic plan creates a tool for daily decisions, weekly directions, and monthly successes toward reaching your future.

The strategic approach to business development and marketing planning is:

Knowing the firm’s history and facts is the start of understanding, this continues with an assessment of your present processes and tools and the desired directions of the firm’s leaders

Market Sector Research
Learning the past and future of your market sectors is invaluable—knowing the dynamics and trends in each area allows you to meet your client’s needs better than the competition

Synthesis and Decision Making
Analyzing your firm’s history and intended directions along with the research in each of your market sectors—you are now able to synthesis and make decisions to move forward

Marketing Goals, Action Plans and Budgets
The plan creates concise goals around market share, existing and potential clients, positioning strategies and intended revenue. It will next define actions steps to reach your goals by prioritizing long-term vs. short-term along with who and when each item will be accomplish.

Monitoring Plan
Key performance indicators (KPI’s) will emerge from the steps above that will become the tool to measure success on a monthly and quarterly basis

This is an interactive, intense, hardworking yet rewarding process for all participants. Those involved will be hands-on, active and therefore will be completely bought into the outcomes.